Covid-19 Poems

A local girl has written these two poems inspired by the rainbow drawings and paintings, enjoy 🙂

Quayside Fire.
by Sophie Moan

Passing the police station at the docks,

Squawking seagulls soaring above my head,

In the choppy water floats a matchbox,

Smoke in the air, my tummy fills with dread.

There is something wrong with the landscape.

Jetty wood burnt to crisp, what a loss!

Pier cordoned off with fire and rescue tape,

Shouting to passers-by “DO NOT CROSS!”

Observing the damage what has been done,

So disappointed that was a brilliant spot,

Whoever did this ruined it for everyone,

Committing arson without a second thought.

Why? Was it just something to laugh at?

Destroying beautiful Blyth why would you do that?

Ode to the NHS

You are as brave as a lion,#
With your free healthcare and caring front line workers.
Uniforms red, white, green and blue. We put rainbows up for you.
We love your determination to help protect our battling nations.
Uniforms like colourful armor.
NHS, Underfunded! Under pressure!

Oh, NHS.
How we love you so, our overlooked superheroes.
If you weren’t in our lives, we wouldn’t know what to do.
Oh NHS, nothing can compare to you.
You are Kings and Queens, worth more than an emperor’s riches.
And most importantly, you need protection.
Stay Home! Save Lives.
Oh NHS, we love you!