About Us

The Buffalo Community Centre

The Centre provides varied services and projects to help improve the lives of the local people in Blyth.

It also aims to establish strong community structures and work in partnership with other local providers both from the voluntary and statutory sector.

The Buffalo Centre works with all members of the community from babies and young people to the elderly, disabled, unemployed, those on benefits, single parents, and those who are on community service orders.

One of the centre’s main aims is to provide for and working with those in the community that are the hardest to reach.

The center offers social inclusion for all, with over 10,000 head count visitors per year.  Many of them repeat users.

At present the community centre offers a variety of activities including a very well established youth project, junior wardens group, two community art groups, a ladies salsacise class, young people’s dance, Karate and Aikido and many other sessions.

To see all our current activities please visit our “What’s On” page.


A Brief History of The Buffalo Community Centre

Also know as the Cowpen Quay Community Association (CQCA), the Buffalo Community Centre has grown from a small group of mothers who, in 1974, set up a simple youth club in St John’s Hall in Cowpen Quay, Blyth.

Since that time the group has expanded to become the vibrant provision of educational, social and sporting activities that is on offer today.

Over the past 40 plus years the Centre has seen legislation, that has changed the way it delivers services, had periods of hardship, where it has struggled for funding and seen exciting ideas and projects take place.

What has not changed in the last four decades are the people who have given so freely their time and energy as volunteers.